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Infant Mental Health Promotion

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnInfant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) is a national organization which improves outcomes across the lifespan through translating and promoting the science of early mental health into practice with families during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood.

IMHP advances the knowledge and skills of practitioners working with children, aged zero to five, by providing:


Resources and Tools



Infographic that shows that IMHP informs policy and builds capacity through: 1) Leadership, advocacy, learning and resources, 2) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, 3) Understanding importance of science and experience; 4) Sharing knowledge to build capacity, and 5) Relationships and Collaboration as a foundation

IMHP informs policy and practice and builds capacity by working closely with organizations and communities across Canada. IMHP is actively involved in the implementation and evaluation of a unique developmental support planning intervention model in communities across the country.

The program was formed in 1989 in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry and is now housed within the Learning Institute.

IMHP is headed by Director Dr. Chaya Kulkarni, BAA, M.Ed., EdD

Key Resources

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Foundations in Infant and Early Mental Health – Certificate Lecture Series (free for SickKids staff)

Infant Mental Health: The Basics – Webcast (free)

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Competencies Framework for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Practice

A Call to Action on Behalf of Maltreated Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers in Canada

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Comfort, Play and Teach parent-friendly resources to support early childhood development

Contact IMHP

Phone: 416-813-1082