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Acute Care Transport Service

555 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5G1X8

The Acute Care Transport Service (ACTS) provides 24-hour medical advice, stabilization and inter-hospital transport for critically ill and injured newborns and children. 

ACTS is comprised of specially trained registered nurses and registered respiratory therapists who are supported by critical care physicians. In partnership with  (TPS), dedicated paramedics and ambulances allow ACTS to respond to all emergent and urgent transports in a timely manner. Aimed at improving patient care and enhancing patient outcomes, ACTS provides a ‘mobile intensive care’ to bring critical care to kids in our community hospitals. 

ACTS receives approximately 2500 calls per year from provincial, national and international communities requesting advice or transfer for their patients. ACTS was awarded the SickKids President’s Award for ‘Championing the Evolution of Health Systems’ in 2019.

ACTS Services

ACTS retrieves upwards of 1,400 patients annually, of which just over half are neonatal.

ACTS utilize dedicated  ambulances and paramedics to facilitate ground transfers, and coordinates with  air ambulance program for utilization of helicopter or airplane for longer distance transports. Our primary area of coverage stretches from Mississauga to Cobourg and north to Sudbury, representing about 50 per cent of all annual call volumes for Ontario.

The rest of the Province is supported by one of the other three hospital-based teams in , and .

To request advice and/or transport services offered by ACTS, please call CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-HELP (4357).

What we do

We provide consultation to community hospital colleagues 24 hours a day, seven days per week (together with intensive care physicians). 

We attend deliveries of premature infants less than 32 weeks gestational age in the community if the mother or fetus are too unstable to be transferred for specialized care. Learn more about high risk delivery guidelines (PDF).

We offer high-quality transport service to ensure optimal care and safety with a patient and family centred focus. ACTS brings the expertise of an intensive care unit to the referring facility.

We ensure stabilization and transport of all critically ill and injured patients requiring a higher level of care to or between tertiary centres, or in some situations, to  facilities if deemed appropriate. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Patients with a compromised airway (breathing) or requiring ventilatory support 
  • Patients with the potential for deterioration and/or requiring multiple or complex interventions during transport 

Finally, we also assist in the return of patients who remain on respiratory support or have specific needs during transfer to hospitals in the community.  

We provide international transports for newborns and children in conjunction with an air ambulance provider. This may be offered to patients needing repatriation closer to home or acute care to be provided at SickKids. Only patients who cannot receive tertiary or complex care locally will be considered for SickKids admission.  

Our team coordinates with all specialty services (e.g. Cardiology, Neurology, Surgery, Neurosurgery) to ensure the safe transport of babies to tests and procedures within SickKids. We stay with the patient for the duration of the test or procedure providing procedural sedation and monitoring for ongoing safety. 

Meet the ACTS team

Our leadership

Dr. Hilary Whyte

ACTS Medical Director

Dr. Kyong-Soon Lee

Associate Medical Director, ACTS

Kristie Newton

Senior Manager, ACTS

Annette Martens

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Interprofessional Education Specialist, ACTS 

Bridget Liriano

Quality Improvement Team Lead, ACTS

ACTS Transport Staff Physicians

ACTS Transport Fellows

Dr. Marko Culjat MD PhD, FAAP, FRCPC

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnChief Clinical Fellow, ACTS

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Dr. Maher Shahroor, MD

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnClinical Fellow, ACTS

Dr. Mehmet Cizmeci, MD

Clinical Fellow, ACTS

ACTS Transport Clinicians

ACTS is composed primarily of clinicians who are RNs or RRTs who have completed a rigorous training program in transport medicine to ensure patients are transported safely. Members who are new to the team are designated as Transport Associates (TA). They continue to have this designation until the training program is completed. 

All team members have completed: 

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) 
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) 
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) 
  • Paediatric International Trauma Life Support (P-ITLS) 
  • SickKids Procedural Sedation Course 
  • End of life care and Bereavement Course 

Our team of registered nurses (RNs) and registered respiratory therapists (RRTs) have experience in both newborn and paediatric intensive care, and emergency medicine. ACTS operates on a model of collaborative practice based on an inter-professional team who are cross trained in each other’s disciplines.  

ACTS is supported by transport fellows who have completed training in either neonatal or paediatric intensive care, or paediatric emergency medicine. Medical advice is provided to community doctors by staff physicians from neonatal, paediatric or cardiac intensive care units, with the ability to call upon subspecialty medical and surgical services as required at the time of the first call for advice or transfer.

Fred Ballard, RRT  
Chantal Beaudoin, RN
Jennifer Bizzarri, RN 
Heather Colangelo, RN 
Nicole Coutu, RRT 
Andrea Deluce, RN 
Catherine Doobay, RRT (TA) 
Kelly Hayes, RRT 
Jennifer Fawcett, RN 
Jill Gardiner, RN 
Miriam Godfrey, RN 
Jayme Gowanlock, RN (TA) 
Debby Holden, RN 
Anthony Iacolucci, RRT 
Krista Iacolucci, RN 
Mark Lepine, RRT 
Ilona Levit, RN (TA)  
Bridget Liriano, RN 
Wendy Mak, RRT 
Michelle Manning, RN 
Annette Martens, RN 
Debbie McFarlane, RN 
Jaclyn Murray, RN 
Sabrina Persaud, RRT 
Lori Richmond, RRT 
Melissa St-Onge, RN
Amanda Stewart, RN 
Gillian Toni, RN (TA) 
Shirley Tran, RN (TA) 
Chrissy Walmsley, RN 
Francesca Yensu, RN 

ACTS principles

  1. Immediate and ongoing medical advice and support to the physician in the community. This is accessed by calling .   
  2. Coordination of patient transport for all Emergent and Urgent calls as defined by . 
  3. Timely dispatch of the ACTS team to the referral facility and locating an appropriate bed for the patient. 
  4. All expectant mothers threatening delivery who are less than 30 weeks gestational age should be transferred to a prior to deliver, when possible.  ACTS facilitation and reinforcement of this message will improve compliance with maternal transfer.   
  5. ACTS provides support for palliation and bereavement in the community and through transport to , family’s home or a community facility closer to home. 

contact-phone-icon-small.png Contact ACTS

To request advice and/or transport services offered by ACTS, please call CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-HELP (4357)

For non-patient-related requests:

Acute Care Transport Service 
Hospital for Sick Children 
555 University Avenue 
Toronto, ON 
Fax: 416-813-6866