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SickKids Network

As one of the world’s leading paediatric health-care institutions, SickKids is in a unique position to influence the way that health care is delivered to children. As part of achieving our vision of 'Healthier Children. A Better World'Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần, we engage in a variety of initiatives with our network of provincial, national and international partners to improve health outcomes for children around the world.

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH) is part of the SickKids' continuum of mental health services for children and youth. Located at two Toronto sites, SickKids CCMH provides a comprehensive range of early intervention and prevention programs as well as counselling and therapy, outreach, and intensive in-home, day treatment and residential services for children, youth and their families (ages 0 to 18).

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SickKids International

SickKids International (SKI) undertakes advisory and educational projects for international clients, guiding the way towards building sustainable, integrated programs that will enhance efficiencies in the delivery of care, and improve health outcomes for children around the world.

SickKids opened Boomerang Health as a new, independent but wholly owned, health-care centre to provide the York Region community with greater access to community-based services for children and adolescents. This is a new model of health-care delivery for SickKids, as the centre enables us – through Boomerang Health – to treat children who would normally be referred to community partners and provide high-quality care closer to home for children and their families.

Connected Care is a program that works to enhance experience with transitions and build confidence, competence and shared understanding among children with medical complexity, their families and health-care providers. Funded by the Ministry of Health and located at SickKids, Connected Care offers a range of services and partners across the continuum of care to coordinate, improve health and safety, spread standards of paediatric practice and deliver greater value across the health system.

Kids Health Alliance is a not-for-profit network of partners working to create a child- and family-centred, high quality, consistent, coordinated approach to paediatric care. Its goal is to achieve a better child, youth and family experience, improve health outcomes and generate greater value. KHA was founded in 2017 by SickKids, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Holland Bloorview) and CHEO.

University affiliation

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnSickKids is a health-care, teaching and research centre dedicated exclusively to children and affiliated with the . SickKids also works closely with the University of Toronto to educate the next generation of health-care and research professionals.

Our Centres

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnWe encourage our researchers and clinicians to work together on key child health issues. Our Centres formalize and enhance some of the existing and new collaborations that happen every day at SickKids. The goal of our Centres is to build on our existing strengths and bring together the unparalleled talent and expertise of our people to build new collaborations across disciplines, programs and services, and in some cases with peers outside of SickKids. It’s an opportunity for groups to find innovative ways of working together, with the ultimate goal of integrating research, education and clinical care to provide better outcomes for children.

Centre for Brain & Mental Health

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần We focus on neurosciences and mental health disciplines, programs, and services that drive innovation.

Centre for Global Child Health

We are the dedicated hub for child health-focused activities at SickKids, supporting a global mission for better child health.

Centre for Healthy Active Kids

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần We're improving child health through innovative, interdisciplinary research and novel approaches to clinical care and education.

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnCentre for Image Guided Care

We're advancing paediatric image-guided care, research, and education to develop new treatments and technologies.

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnSickKids Cystic Fibrosis Centre

We drive research discovery and new therapies, care, and education for cystic fibrosis to benefit children worldwide.

Garron Family Cancer Centre

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuần Our innovative virtual centre advances the diagnosis and treatments of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Centre

We lead cutting-edge research and provide leading clinical care and education for paediatric IBD patients.

Labatt Family Heart Centre

We’re among the top three heart centres in the world, innovating cardiac clinical care, research, and education.

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnSickKids Pain Centre

We aim to prevent and minimize pain for all children through integrated clinical care, education and research.

Xổ số An Giang hàng tuầnTransplant & Regenerative Medicine Centre

We're Canada's most research-intensive paediatric transplant program, the largest centre dedicated to transplant care.